“We work remotely and thanks to ECiCloud for TeamDesign, we know that our data is secure and current at all times. We are able to offer superior speed and efficiency without having to invest in servers, firewalls and all of the other expenses of maintaining an IT department.”

Marissa McKeon, Client Services Manager
Pannello Systems, Portsmouth, Rhode Island

ECiCloud for TeamDesign features:

  • Order Entry

    • One-time information entry carries across the entire project with no need to rekey
    • Manages data and outputs completed forms as needed
  • Purchasing

    • Automatically splits proposals into multiple purchase orders to appropriate vendors
    • Electronically communicates with major manufacturers
  • Project Management

    • Generates backlog reports based on selected criteria
    • Communicate with customers via email at various stages in their order’s progress
  • Accounting

    • Tracks all accounts payable by job
    • Full account history enables real-time review of invoices and ledgers
    • Identifies and reconciles late costs and balances due for work-in-progress
  • Inventory

    • Notifies users of on-hand and unused inventory
    • Compares proposals to inventory
  • International Capabilities

    • Keeps general ledger in local currency
    • Generates purchase orders in the vendor’s currency
    • Sends invoices in customer’s currency
  • PSN (Private Supply Network)

    • Connects dealers to manufacturers via the Internet
    • Transmits purchase orders and receive acknowledgments from vendors without leaving TeamDesign
    • Includes electronic communications with many vendors including Kimball Office, National, and Global Industries and many more
  • Acsellerate® Business Intelligence 

    ECi Acsellerate® offers a powerful combination of dashboard analytics powered by Cognytics, integrated CRM, and online reporting. With Acsellerate, you can see the status of your projects and understand your revenue pipeline, online anytime. Run reports in seconds and quickly get the information you need to run your business.

    • Determine your most and least profitable customers
    • Compare how your company is performance vs. prior periods
    • Identify your customers’ purchase trends and plan
    • Analyze your backlog (open orders) to gauge the revenue you can expect in the future
    • Understand the profitability of your furniture projects
    • Know your sales and gross profit by manufacturer
    • Quickly review your top selling items

TeamDesign Modules

  • Rentals

    • Timely rental furniture invoicing
    • Tracks rentals, mock-ups and even warehouse space
    • Tracks loaners by both salesperson and customer
  • Service Work Orders

    • Tracks time and materials for each job
    • Maintains open-ended work orders to simplify warranty work and reconfigurations
  • Smart Stuff

    Extends reporting capabilities for specialized reports, lists, queries and labels from browser-displayed data

  • Inventory Imports

    • Imports third-party catalogs directly into TeamDesign without re-keying data
    • Supports standard SIF-format catalog files, as well as specialized third-party catalogs
  • Collections

    • Online tracking of collection call information includes invoice number, contact, call data, and general comments
    • Includes collection notes on A/R aging reports
  • Bill of Materials

    • Automates production processes for furniture manufacturing or refurbishing
    • Develops assemblies by defining component parts and quantities
  • Stock Purchase Orders

    • Identifies both fast and slow-moving items and re-orders stock products as needed
    • Balances purchases against inventory turns
  • Marketing

    • Builds customized marketing profiles
    • Adds user-defined marketing fields
    • Allows field sorting and printing of customer and marketing reports
  • Quick Quotes

    • Streamlines management of showroom sales
    • Generates quotes from the showroom to handle “off-the-street” traffic